About Us

Company Overview

After 12 years working in garages and running our own, we decided to take Crown Tyres mobile.

We knew that when a customer had a blowout on the motorway, rolled over a nail or saw that brake warning light on a cold winter’s evening, they didn’t want to wait, they didn’t want a tow to our garage, they wanted someone there to help them on the spot.

Having worked for the likes of Jaguar and Volkswagen, and over the years having worked on pretty much every road vehicle there is, we know what we need with us to help you on your way. So, whether it’s an emergency and you need us there in a flash, or you’d like to book us in for when’s convenient for you, we’re only a phone call away.

Crown Mobile Tyres does far more than just supply tyres. We offer new tyre replacement and tyre repair services, wherever you may be. But we also check and replace brakes and discs, we balance wheels and we can remove locking wheel nuts that stubbornly refuse to be undone.

We’re here for you when you need us, wherever you are.